Telemedicine Outreach Update

Millions Newly Insured: Can telemedicine decrease the stress placed on our health care system?

Rosalyn Perkins by Rosalyn Perkins, MNSc, APN, Telemedicine Clinical Services Director

Due to the increase of insured and a decrease in providers in Arkansas and the US, telemedicine can play a major role. “Lawmakers in Washington think so, and they are pushing to expand the use of telemedicine and other technologies that will cut costs, ease doctor shortages and improve healthcare outcomes”. (Brianna Ehley)

Many Arkansans have already used telemedicine in some way; perhaps an emergency department visit, OB consult, dermatology, or psychiatric consult, to name a few. This places Arkansas ahead of many other states, but still there is more to be done such as more sub specialty participation, insurance company involvement, and crossing state borders. Of course policy will have to be in place to prevent reimbursement abuse. Just think telemedicine which was a diamond in the rough a couple of decades ago is now at the forefront of healthcare in Arkansas and the USA.

Telemedicine Ultrasound

Dr. Curtis Lowery and Rosalyn Perkins over seeing an ultrasound via telemedicine.