OB Simulation

image-3While most deliveries progress normally, there are times when life-threatening emergencies are a reality. Health care professionals who are educated and trained to manage rare obstetric emergencies are crucial to positive outcomes for mothers and babies.

In partnership with the UAMS Centers for Simulation, the ANGELS’ Education Team is committed to meeting the educational and training needs of health care professionals through obstetric simulations and drills. These simulations and drills ensure quality improvements and standardization of care.

In 2015, the team traveled to 16 Arkansas facilities to present interprofessional, obstetric simulations and drills that addressed risk factors, management of emergencies, multidisciplinary teamwork, communication and facility-specific planning.

During the sessions, participants used a high-fidelity manikin to simulate birth. Drills included shoulder dystocia, eclamptic seizure and postpartum hemorrhage. Participants were able to discuss the life-like simulations in safe, non-judgmental clinical environments.

In addition to the drills, participants completed the necessary pre- and post-testing to receive continuing medical education and continuing nursing education.

If you would like an OB simulation drill at your facility, please call 1-866-273-3835 or email CDH Education.