STABLE – Sugar/Safe Care, Temperature, Airway, Blood Pressure, Lab & Emotional Support – is a program that educates and trains nurses working in neonatal critical care. The program uses evidence-based practices to establish continuity of care while stabilizing newborn infants in distress. The goal is to reduce mortality and morbidity of infants born in Arkansas medical facilities.

In 2014, ANGELS expanded the program by training 15 new instructors. As a result, health care professionals trained and certified in STABLE principles in 2015 increased by over 300 percent.

New instructors met strict qualification standards and agreed to teach at least two STABLE courses over two calendar years.

In 2015, medical facilities across the state participated in STABLE with 203 RNs, LPNs and EMTsĀ  trained and certified in STABLE principles.

For more information, please call 1-866-273-3835 or email CDH Education.