OB Emergency Drill Simulation

ob simIn situ simulations are physically integrated drills that take place in the clinical environment, allowing for participants to practice in their hospital setting using their equipment and processes.  Each person involved performs his or her own role as if the simulation scenario were real.  All involved disciplines are encouraged to participate, including typical support personal.  In situ simulation excels at helping to improve teamwork and communication that fosters a culture of patient safety.  Our goal is to make it as real to life as possible and to improve our ability to address latent threats and systematic issues that can occur during an OB emergency.

IDHI’s POWER team travels across the state and provides OB Emergency In Situ Simulation Drills to all 39 of our delivering hospitals.  We cover topics such as severe hypertension, eclampsia, shoulder dystocia, and postpartum hemorrhage.  Each session is comprised of an online didactic session and an in-person OB simulation class that focuses on both the knowledge and the skills required to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes during an OB emergency.

If you would like more information or to schedule a class at your facility, please contact
Shari Drakes