Perinatal Outcomes Workgroup Education and Research (POWER)

POWERThe Arkansas Perinatal Outcomes Workgroup using Education and Research (POWER) meeting was held in April, 2017. The event was open to all hospitals in Arkansas that provide obstetric services.

In 2017, focus will be placed on Safety Bundles for Postpartum Hemorrhage and Hypertensive Emergencies.

Each facility that participated in the workgroup received components of both safety bundles, which included web addresses of national groups spearheading the implementation of safety bundles and supporting literature.

The workgroup will introduce the facilities to the concept of safety bundles, then begin working to prepare the facility to adopt the bundle. The facility will identify aspects of the bundle already in place and those aspects that need to be developed as well as identify potential barriers to the implementation of the bundle.

The goal is for every facility to implement the safety bundles. Staff mentors will be assigned to facilitate the process by holding regular virtual meetings to assess progress and identify areas that need support towards the implementation of both safety bundles.

POWER will help Arkansas hospitals continue to collaborate and provide efficient, evidence-based care to achieve the optimum outcomes for the mothers and babies of Arkansas.