Nutrition Education for Diabetes in Pregnancy

To access Web-Based Instruction on Nutrition (WIN), contact the Call Center at 866-273-3835.

WINThe High Risk Pregnancy Program provides diabetes care for pregnant women throughout the state of Arkansas. The UAMS Obstetrical Center for Management of Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy was recently reaccredited as an American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP) for the third consecutive year. This AADE DEAP accreditation status ensures that the diabetes education provided to our patients remains in compliance with National Standards. Three certified diabetes educators (CDE) participate in the direct care of over 200 obstetrical patients each year in Little Rock with additional patients receiving care and education via telemedicine.

Benefits of Diabetes Education

While obstetricians provide for overall patient care, diabetes educators empower patients to manage their diabetes. They teach, coach, and guide patients so they understand how diabetes effects their pregnancy. Self-management skills such as monitoring blood glucose, interpreting the results, and adopting healthy eating habits are especially important for newly-diagnosed gestational diabetes patients. Patients with pre-existing type 1 or type 2 diabetes learn how pregnancy effects their diabetes along with pregnancy-specific blood glucose targets and meal plans. Effective education can improve pregnancy outcomes and has the potential to decrease healthcare costs by decreasing hospital admissions.

WIN: Online Diabetes Education

Web-Based Instruction on Nutrition (WIN), is a series of 3 interactive education modules available to expectant mothers with diabetes: 1) Introduction to Gestational Diabetes, 2) Management of Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy, 3) Preventing Type 2 Diabetes: Tips for Prevention and Management after Delivery. The online modules are available in English and Spanish at After completing a short registration process, women can work through each module at their own pace. Patients have the opportunity to get additional information by clicking on the ASK THE EXPERT link which puts patients in touch with a High Risk Pregnancy Program diabetes educator. These instructional modules can be used as stand-alone education or as a supplement and/or review of face-to-face teaching. This option is especially helpful to women living in rural areas of the state.

Telemedicine Consultations

Patients can receive individualized diabetes education via telemedicine if time or travel restrictions prohibit a drive to UAMS.  This option for co-management ensures that patients receive the same high-quality care available in a face-to-face setting. In the past year, telemedicine diabetes consultations have been delivered via interactive video to patients at several distant sites including the Health Departments in Craighead, Hempstead, Sevier, and Washington Counties as well as the Magnolia and Texarkana Regional Health Centers.