Arkansas Fetal Diagnosis and Management Program (AFDM)

For more information, contact the ANGELS Call Center at 866-273-3835.

ANGELS Arkansas Fetal Diagnosis and Management program (AFDM) provides coordinated, compassionate, and evidenced-based care for pregnancy and newborn cases complicated by congenital birth defects or genetic disease. Prenatally babies are referred to the Arkansas Reproductive Genetics Program (ARGP) for confirmation of a congenital anomaly and/or genetic disease. Once confirmed, the families are then referred to the AFDM program for further case management.

What to Expect

  1. Your primary obstetrician/provider will make a diagnosis and refer you to us.  Your visit will be coordinated through the Arkansas Reproductive Genetics Program, ANGELS Telemedicine and your primary obstetrician/provider.
  2.  A multidisciplinary team will discuss your case and use evidence-based guidelines, standards of care and physicians judgments to create your delivery and management plans.
  3. A family-centered conference will be held regarding your infant’s prognosis, likely treatment options, availability of sub-specialty care and connections to additional resources and peer support groups.
  4. Your delivery and management plan will be followed and subsequent newborn follow up will be managed.