Arkansas Fetal Diagnosis and Management (AFDM)

Arkansas Fetal Diagnosis and Management program (AFDM) was designed to provide coordinated, compassionate, and evidenced-based care for pregnancy and newborn cases complicated by congenital birth defects or genetic disease.

Prenatal babies are referred to the Arkansas Reproductive Genetics Program (ARGP) for confirmation of a congenital anomaly and/or genetic disease. Once confirmed, the families are then referred to the AFDM program for further case management.

Multidisciplinary conferences are held using distance health technologies, evidence-based guidelines, standards of care, and physician judgments in order to formulate individualized, family-centered care plans. Based upon a specific anomaly diagnosis, referrals to the appropriate subspecialty providers at Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) and UAMS are conducted.

Parents, physicians, health care providers from both UAMS and ACH, and referring health care providers continue open communication during the planning process in order to best achieve the most positive outcomes for the patient and the family. By using a family-centered approach, AFDM focuses on empowering the entire family with necessary information so everyone feels prepared and confident in preparation for delivery and newborn care.